archivo de posibilidades
furniture and lighting, 2021

archive of possibilities is my first individual collection  for the mexican design gallery.
through my empirical approach, i promote a new ethical discourse of design that explores the juxtaposition between visual thinking and physical iteration through the analog medium, in order to develop more honest and immediate objects, without the need to have an absolute dependence on manufacturers. each of the pieces of furniture was developed under the format of <self projects>, a methodology driven by my background in the DIY punk movement, which applauds the process of thinking and making functional solutions on my own.
the title of the series refers to the infinite possibilities of manual and material work that i have found around living and working in the center of the city. taking the concept of <modern craftsmanship> as a central axis, the work oscillates between the high functionality of precarious solutions and the use of standardized material. beyond considering this as an act of isolation from the current structure of the industry, the collection proposes to locate the designer, as an aspiring autonomous craftsman. 

graphic design: graphiela
project assistant: rodrigo méndez

type [client: galería mexicana de diseño]