estándar chair
furniture, 2021

since i moved to méxico city, i have been interested in the types of chairs that exist within the “informal” commerce that surrounds my home and studio. specifically with <cantilevered> seats and <stackable> chairs.

beyond trying to address the particular "vernacular" aesthetic, my attention has focused 100% on the functionality, technicality and practicality that these objects give to spaces. this interest has been translated to my first furniture collection for the mexican design gallery (gmd) titled archive of possibilities.

the estándar chair is a rigid and highly functional seat thatcombines manual techniques with advanced manufacturing. its simple and honest construction allows to rationalizeefficiency processes in production and respect for the material. despite its orthogonal silhouette, estándar is studied to be an extremely light, comfortable and versatile chair towards thespaces; what gives the optimization of storage ina home or business, through the possibility of stacking.

project assitant: rodrigo méndez

type [client: galería mexicana de diseño]